Where do I put my stuff?

I've had lots of friends ask me where I put my stuff when I go running. This includes things like keys, credit cards, my ID, and metro card. Depending on the mileage, if it's a training day or a race day, and how long I will be gone, I have found various solutions to this issue over the years. These include:

RooSport 2.0 Green

I found this handy item at the 2015 NYC Marathon Expo. I got to meet the woman who invented this item, Brenda, and talked to her about how she came up with this race day necessity. As this has a very strong magnetic clip, you don't have to worry about it riding up as you're running, as I find a problem spot with some types of belts. The pocket has both an area with a zipper (great for credit cards, keys, etc.) as well as the option for an open pocket with easy accessibility (I used this for my gels and bars during the marathon). So affordable and definitely something I would recommend to fellow runners.

Running Wristlet

My momma got me a running wristlet from TJ Maxx a long time ago. To be honest, I haven't been able to find these in a while. However, in the link above, you will see an item very similar to the multicolor wristlet I wear pretty often. This is a great option for a training run, especially if shorter distance (6 miles or less). Perfect for Metro Card, ID, and a key (not ideal for more than 2 keys). I enjoy this option as it doesn't bother me having this on a wrist as I am accustomed to having a watch, bracelet, or hair ties. 


Finally, the Spibelt. I feel as though every runner I know has a Spibelt or has at one point of their running career. Looks can definitely be deceiving with these belts. They hold SO many things! I remember my first marathon, I wore the spibelt and was amazing I could fit every single thing I needed. I found it convenient to unzip, take out gels, and zip back. I did not experience riding up of the belt, but some other runners have expressed this con with me. I believe one important factor here is making sure to add this belt to your training routine. 




Although I know some runners will disagree with me here, I strongly suggest not using a bag check during races. Now if you are running a long race and do not have someone coming with you, then it could most definitely be necessary as you need warm clothes, socks, and a change of shoes. However, if you do have someone who can meet you at the finish line with these items, then the bag check could be a waste of your time! Having to arrive at the race early in order to secure your bag at the check point, waiting in line to pick up your items, and the chance of losing your number are all reasons I prefer carrying my own stuff, or bringing a loved one with me! 

All in love!